Moo & Millicent ‘Minor Celebrities’

Craft Odyssey

Last weekend was our local towns 25th ‘Annual Classic Car & Motorcycle Show’ which Moo was quite keen to attend, so early morning saw us parked up in the Town Hall car park along with around at least 100 other classics, this show was slightly different as the cars were parked into ‘eras’ which meant visitors could swoon over whichever section in motoring history floated their boat. By now you are possibly wondering why Moo & Millicent are minor celebrities? WELL the local newspaper photographers were out & about AND ….

Moo and Millicent Moo, Millicent & even Beloved have made it into the 2 local papers !!

Millicent must have really been strutting her stuff as she impressed enough folks to vote for her in the spectators poll AND …

2nd prize Thanks to everyone who voted for Millicent she won runner up in the pre war section …I do believe she blushed when…

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I Need A Drink

Oo er did I say that out loud ?? now I’m a classy type of girl so just funnel it in

WHAT !! you thought I meant gin ?? 

You have no idea of the trouble Beloved went through to get me this little tipple, it involved a jolly day out at Normous Newark Autojumble of which Mrs P played no part as she was ensconced at ‘The Workplace’ don’t tell her but Beloved, Moo ..AKA ‘Gelfling Grandson’ & myself had a super day out, as well as my beverage, copious amounts of doughnuts were consumed 🙂 When I arrived back at the homestead I logged into blogland only to find out I’d been nominated for ….

How darn cool

Isn’t Mrs Craft a superstar for nominating little old me, because I feel bad Mrs P missed a day out I’m going to get her to do a follow up post, gossiping sharing lots of useless interesting info about herself. Beware though because her mantra is …

You have been warned !!

Until next time

Millicent Morris x







Clean Bill Of Health

Millicent has returned from ‘Mr Garage Owners’ with his blessings for many a happy hours motoring, apparently she in superb condition for a lady of 78, she will never have the performance, comfort or indeed two windscreen wipers of a modern car and as he rightly said she is a “museum piece”  Even so I was secretly hoping that he would be able to tweak the brakes

Apparently this isn’t so …they do work … comparative to her age that is

So this leaves me two options as I see it, keep the ‘L’ away from everyone else on the road, or I could get Beloved to walk in front on me waving a white flag warning all and sundry of my arrival and the imminent danger, thing is I don’t actually have a white flag …


Do you think a pair of my best bloomer thrust on a broom handle would work just as well ??

This morning a peruse around the country lanes was the order of the day, Millicent purred like a kitten, although I was slightly gutted when the roadside speed check machine had been moved from the next village, I was hoping to see the just how she cruised along

Millicent’s petrol gauge and speedometer fluctuates depending if she feels like imparting that information, a little job for Beloved me thinks

New Day New Skills

Today I will start by adding for anyone who’s interested Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Now it would be totally ridiculous to get up at 5.30 am (when it’s still dark!!) just to spend quality time learning about Millicent I did the decent thing and arose at 5. 35 am, so with my morning cuppa to hand I thought the best thing to do was have a pour over the original ‘Operation Manual’

Even the written word used in the late 1930’s is more eloquent than we use today

Just when I thought I wasn’t dilatory I’m beginning have my doubts 🙂  it seems not only do I have to contend with a whole new way of driving a car ..I also have to decode terminology from the  late 1930’s ~  *Humph* I can see this taking a while ~Still

Anyhoo I’m now convinced I must be more of a visual learner, Beloved just NEEDS to  teach me everything I need to know !!

Even though Millicent is exempt from a MOT, she is booked in for a full medical with ‘Mr Garage Owner’ tomorrow as Beloved doesn’t have a ramp or inspection pit …yet.

I did sucumb to venture for a little pootle ..lets just say a tractor was catching me up as I drove sedately along !!! Was it fun OH YES !!  Was it slightly scary OH YES !! mainly because the brakes leave quite a lot to be desired …Beloved is going to tie a brick to a piece of rope to throw out the door when I need to slow down / stop as it will probably be more efficient

Millicent Morris Comes Home

Millicent has been sat patiently in North Yorkshire for 3 of days until Beloved & I could arrange her collection, we decided against driving her home … mostly due to the fact it would take at least a couple of days driving at 40 mph to get her home !!! Oh that and the fact I actually need to learn how to ‘drive’ her first, what with double de- clutching, the fact she only has 3 gears ~ AND reverse being where first gear is on my day to day car it was a big ask … and that’s without causing tailbacks on busy roads

In hindsight we thought it best to give Millicent a piggy back home on a transporter

So after 12 hours, a 350 mile round trip Millicent is back at ‘The Cottage On The Green’ Within minutes of arriving home she drew a fan base … I’m sure the fact the cottage is next door to the local hostelry & the locals were partaking of half a shandy on one very beautifully fine early Autumn evening probably helped !!  Anyhoo one thing I have learnt is that once folks know I’m her owner, they seem to think I know something about cars …this is a big fat untruth !!!

Seems I need to put on my girl girl pants and get my inner car geek act together, and so the adventure begins !!! 

If at any point I’m boring the heck out of you …..You were warned 🙂

For You Madame

This post is where my love affair with Millicent Morris began

Craft Odyssey

Let me begin by going on the record stating how much I love my Beloved, now that all & sundry are aware of that fact let me move oh so swiftly on as my excitement levels are in major overdrive, when I say I get excited it’s a gross understatement I skip, my attention level is zero, I giggle, in other words I put a 3 yr old to shame with my carrying on,

I also ought to mention I’m seduced by glamour, romance and the bygone era, so just what has turned my head so much that Beloved felt compelled to buy me just to shut me up ??

Morris_8_ Only a blooming 1938 Morris 8 series 2 no less

As if the car wasn’t enough …

Morris_8_ side view It has a picnic basket ….A PICNIC BASKET …obviously that wasn’t the deciding factor for me wanting the car ….who am I kidding of…

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The Human Touch

I don’t claim to know a great deal about antiques, I tend to rely on the best advice I received about buying antiques or vintage items which was …buy what you love, that way your passion will always shine through.

I adore vintage books, whether they be cookery, sewing, household, or reference, and I know time and time again you will hear it’s all about condition  … but to me that’s not too highly prized ~ I cherish the human story.

Inscription Basic needlework (2)
Finding inscriptions inside front covers make me smile, they show they were treasured, given as gifts and well and truly appreciated.

More often than not I follow my heart and buy things that capture my soul due to the subject matter, it’s age or simply because …have I ever been disappointed? I can  emphatically shout NO !!! and many a time I get added surprises,

Auction books & note
Finding a hand written note between the pages of an antique or vintage book is like hitting the jackpot for me !! maybe I’m just easily pleased.

So yes I buck the rules of buying, but in my humble opinion I’m onto a winner and as my Beloved states if I’m happy he’s happy ….the chap is all for a quiet life 🙂